XDS-PRO1Q Multi-Media Satellite Receiver

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  • Broadcast multi-media distribution – providing reliable audio, video and data distribution via the internet or via satellite to multiple locations, while enabling custom programming to each receiver
  • Digital multi-media receiver used by audio video data stations to receive media broadcasts from a network
  • Used to receive live broadcasts as well as programs to be stored and played later
  • Provides the network the ability to target advertising to specific locations so each receiver in a network can play unique programs and advertisements
  • Fully controlled by the Pico Digital Network Management System (XNMS)
  • Remote locations via satellite – national chain store can have cost effective distribution of multi-media content via satellite
  • Web appliance for Audio/Video/Data – reliable multi-media reception without the headache of placing PCs in the field
  • Hotel and residential – multiple channels can be provided for residential or hotel installations to offer customers unparalleled choice
  • DVB IP Connectivity
  • L-Band QPSK input
  • SD Flash interface
  • Remote control via XNMS