Stinger 3.1 Instant Replay

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Stinger 3.1 Instant Replay


Stinger 3.1 is perfect for fast-paced morning shows, DJs that want to add a bit of spice to their shows, stadium announcers, audio production directors, cat-walk shows, theatre groups, corporate presentations… the list goes on!

Stinger 3.1 was designed by broadcast professionals with years of experience, as a creative tool for the playback and recording of short-length effects, drop-ins, liners, jingles and other audio elements. Stinger 3.1 can play multiple files at the same time on a single audio card, or on up to 6 outputs on multi-channel audio cards (requires a native DirectX audio card on Windows XP, or a WDM audio card on Windows 7 or above).

Up to 1152 audio cuts are instantly available, each with a user-defined background color and caption making it easy to find the right buttons. There’s no scrolling through a tiny view Window, Stinger will resize to the size of your PC monitor.

You can save multiple collections of audio files (or individual sets) for Instant Recall – so each daypart or production can have their own buttons.

Stinger 3.1 is touch-screen compatible or can be operated from the keyboard, or mouse.

With support for dual monitors, Stinger 3.1 is capable of having up to 144 buttons on-screen at any one time.



  • Tabbed interface for up to 1152 instantly available files (864 more than previous versions)
  • NEW! Supports Windows 7 32bit or 64bit and Windows 8/8.1 32bit or 64bit
  • Microsoft DirectSound(Windows XP) or WDM (Windows 7+) support for multiple file playback on a single native DirectSound compliant audio card
  • NEW! Buttons assignable to up to 6 audio card output channels (depending on audio card's features)
  • NEW! Audition channel to preview audio before playing on the air
  • NEW! Non-destructive start and end points for each button
  • NEW! Optional looping of audio for each button
  • Uses standard audio card and hard drive(s)
  • Compatible with Windows linear PCM and compressed audio file types, including MP3 and MP2 if supported by your computer's software codecs.
  • Sizable screen and buttons
  • Expandable buttons (make buttons up to three rows tall)
  • User defined captions and button colors without changing audio files
  • Instant Save and Recall of button sets and collections
  • Dual monitor support (show 2 tabs simultaneously)
  • Ability to create event logs to keep track of items that have played (saves logs in either ASCII or MDB format)
  • Drag 'n Drop of multiple files to tabbed windows
  • Support for long file names (though we recommended using the 8.3 format)
  • Optional USB Hardware key for easy portability between computers
  • Ability to insert icons into each button to allow for easy recognition
  • Easily record audio directly into a button and instantly play it back
  • Change fonts, font color and font size for customization and improved readability.
  • Drag and drop files from one button to another (also works between tabs)