C200 Passive 10″ 2-Way Loudspeaker

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C200 Passive 10″ 2-Way Loudspeaker


Experience the same Mackie sound quality heard from the legendary SRM Series Powered speakers in an incredibly versatile passive design. C-Series loudspeakers are built with rugged road worthy molded cabinets, custom designed high-output drivers and a precision tuned asymmetrical crossover for natural, high-fidelity sound.


Precision-Tuned by EAW®

The same team that designs systems for some of the biggest touring bands in the world poured their expertise into the driver and crossover design for the C-Series. This means drivers that can really take a beating and unmatched clarity across the entire frequency range of the speaker.

Superb Floor Monitor

The C-Series loudspeakers have incredibly smooth, spike-free response and dispersion over a wide range of treble frequencies. So you can increase their volume without boosting those nasty, feedback-inducing spikes.

Tuned to Perfection

The crossover in the C-Series is a unique Low Impedance Compensated Crossover (LICC) design with an asymmetrical slope. With EQ and crossover points meticulously chosen so that beamwidth patterns match in both drivers, C Series loudspeakers offer natural sound at all volume levels.

Better Than Your Average Box

The C-Series enclosures are an asymmetrical monocoque (I had to Google this...) design with no parallel surfaces, causing mid and high frequency resonance's to be reflected at angles into internal damping materials, instead of interfering with the woofer doing its thing.

Ultra-Wide Dispersion

The C-Series loudspeakers provide a wide, controlled dispersion pattern and precise reproduction of the critical upper mid-range and high frequencies. The result is an unbelievably smooth off-axis response that allows everyone in the audience to experience the same high-resolution audio no matter where they are seated.


These speakers' injection-molded composite chassis and premium components are built for the rigors of the road and years of abuse. And they shrug off impacts that would turn those cheap-o, fuzz covered wood box speakers into toothpicks.


C-Series loudspeakers are an excellent choice just about anywhere you can place them. Build the dream PA for your band with a pair of C-Series speakers and a PPM Series Powered Mixer or integrate them into an existing system. Add on a few more and an FRS Series amplifier for an impressive floor monitor setup. Since they are fully flyable, the C-Series is perfect for install systems like a small sanctuary, youth room, bars and small clubs.