Genelec 8020.LSE Espresso 4″ Active 5.1 Monitor System with 8″ Subwoofer (5x 8020, 1x 7050)

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8020.LSE Espresso 5.1 System (5x 8020, 1x 7050)


The Genelec 8020.LSE Espresso system brings professional quality surround monitoring to a variety of personal-sized listening spaces (< 2500 cu. ft.). Using five 8020 bi-amp speakers for the main channels and a single 7050 active LSE subwoofer for solid, managed bass information, plus the dedicated LFE (.1) channel, the Espresso system is capable of providing low distortion, wide bandwidth and natural sound that only Genelec can deliver.

How can such a small system reproduce your audio with such a big sound? It enjoys the same no compromise engineering and construction found in all Genelec products. All aluminum MDE cabinet design in the 8020 allows Genelec’s unique active technology to surpass other traditional approaches and the patented LSE subwoofer delivers articulate, uniform bass response. Naturally, Genelec includes all the necessary features for easily integrating all speakers into your listening environment and ensures a high level of confidence and enjoyment in creating and reviewing the most critical mixes.

The 8020 can be placed on suitable stands or workstation surface with its integrated Iso-Pod feet, which provides easy focusing of speaker toward the listener while decoupling the speaker from the surface, or choose from several wall-mount options to reduce clutter on the desktop. The 8020 is available in standard Producer Finish. The 7050 connector panel provides for all main speaker signals to be routed through for correct bass managed setup, delivering confident response down to 25 Hz. Input sensitivity, bass roll-off filters and phase adjustment use are all well documented in the comprehensive setup manual. Now every room in your facility can benefit from top quality Genelec reference monitoring without compromise.