AMP1-SDA 2-channel SDI and AES audio monitor w/metering

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The AMPx-SDA Series monitors are complete exceptionally high-quality stereo audio monitoring systems for monitoring 2 channels from analog, AES/EBU digital and SDI sources in a compact one or two rack space cabinet.

The AMPx-SDA features two high-resolution tri-color LED level meters showing simultaneous VU and PPM for superior level-metering. The front panel features an innovative LED display of phase/polarity relationships. Output limiter circuits protect the speakers, and extensive magnetic shielding allows placement immediately adjacent to video monitors with no color impurities.

These unique designs provide optimally focused sound for operators in an ultra near field (1 to 3 ft.) working environment and offers performance comparable to that of many separate monitor pairs, yet does so without the installation hassles, awkward speaker placements and “added-on” look. This provides for a higher SPL for the operator while reducing overall ambient sound and adjacent bay crosstalk. Extended HF response reveals potential problems with audio whine or hiss. Electronic rather than acoustic cancellation of bass frequencies provides positive audible detection of out-of-phase (reversed polarity) audio feeds. A headphone jack is provided on the front panel, usage automatically mutes the speakers.

The AMPx-SDA Series monitors are ideally suited for use in VTR bays, mobile production vehicles, teleconferencing installations, multimedia systems, satellite link and cable TV facilities, and on-air radio studios.