VMMDA-1 2-channel HD/SD-SDI, AES and analog monitor

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The VMMDA-1 audio monitor permits stereo monitoring with excellent fidelity exceeding that of ordinary monitors in a 1U rack-size.

The unit can monitor analog, AES, standard SDI, or HD-SDI audio sources.

A 3-position toggle switch on the front panel selects between the three input sources (analog, AES, or SDI).

When SDI is selected as the source, an 8-position rotary SDI Group Select switch selects which of the eight SDI channel pairs will be monitored.

An LED above the SDI Group Select switch indicates the “lock” status of the SDI source.

Both models feature dual 10-segment LED bargraph meters that provide visual indication of input levels.

Other front panel features include volume and balance controls, power indication LED, headphone output, and phase indication LEDs.

Wohler Technologies proprietary three-LED stereo phase indication feature allows monitoring of phase relationships of the selected stereo inputs.

Volume and balance controls are standard, but can be reconfigured as A volume/B volume via an internal jumper.

Two front-firing midrange tweeter speakers and a compact high-performance woofer are arranged in Wohler Technologies’ popular bi-amp design.

The summed bass feature is important for audible detection of out-of-phase conditions.

Speaker amp limiters prevent accidental damage to speakers from high input levels.

The rear panel features an SDI input and output on BNC connectors, an AES input on a BNC and Phoenix connector, two analog inputs on Phoenix connectors, and an analog stereo output of the selected source on Phoenix connectors.