THAT-2 Telephone Handset Audio Tap

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THAT-2 Telephone Handset Audio Tap


Connect THAT-2 between your telephone and handset for quick access to audio in and out of the telephone. The THAT-2 is used by radio stations to record and play sound bytes, and by TV and film sound crews to get IFB dialog over phone lines.


Record and Play Audio Clips

Simply unplug the handset coily cord form the base of your telephone and plug it directly into the THAT-2. Then, using the supplied cable, connect the THAT-2 back to the telephone. Now connect your audio equipment or powered speaker to the RCA or XLR jacks. The grey pushbutton selects which audio will be sent into the telephone (Out = talking on the handset, In = sending audio in through the RCA jack). The output jacks contains a nice mix of the audio from both sides of the conversation, as well as the tones being pressed on the keypad.

Phone Compatibility

The THAT-2 has a three-position switch which accommodates electret, dynamic and carbon telephone handset microphone types. The THAT-2 will emulate the type of microphone that is in the handset and allow you to send audio into many different types of analog and digital PBX sets, as well as ISDN telephones. THAT-2 does not work with cordless or cell phones, or any telephone with a keypad in the handset.





ComparisonQuickTapTHAT-1THAT-2Voice Path
Works with Analog, Digital, PBX, and ISDN Telephones
1/8" (3.5mm) Mono Audio Input - - -
1/8" (3.5mm) Mono Audio Output - -
RCA Input & Output - -
XLR Input & Output - - -
Input Level Control - - -
Output Level Control -
Switch Selects Between Carbon, Dynamic or Electret Handset Types - -
Passive Design. No Battery or AC Required
Made in America
Approved for Sale in Europe and Australia



Line InputRCA
Impedance600-9000 ohms
Level250 mV RMS (+12 dBu nom)
Line InputFemale XLR
Impedance600-9000 ohms
Level250 mV RMS (+12 dBu nom)
Impedance0-2500 ohms
Level100 mV RMS (-18 dBu nom)
OutputMale XLR
Impedance0-2500 ohms
Level100 mV RMS (-18 dBu nom)
Handset TypeElectret, Dynamic, Carbon
Handset and Telephone ConnectorsRJ22
Size4.5" x 3.2" x 1.3" (11.4 x 8.2 x 3.3 cm)
Weight9 oz