AutoHybrid Telephone Audio Interface

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AutoHybrid Telephone Audio Interface


This simple, passive, auto-answer/disconnect telephone line hybrid allows simultaneous send and receive audio through analog telephone lines. Suitable for monitoring remote locations, IFB feeds, and many simple studio, conferencing, and PA telephone interface applications.


Full Duplex
Yes, you can send and receive audio at the same time. The dual transformer hybrid is capable of 20 dB nominal trans-hybrid loss. In other words, your transmit signal will appear mixed with the receive signal, but at a level 20 dB lower than it was sent into the phone line.

The “Auto” feature is very simple. When the “Auto” switch is selected, AutoHybrid will answer on the first ring. The phone line will remain off-hook, until either the Drop button is depressed, or until the phone company releases the line.






ComparisonAutoHybridinnkeeper LTD
Enable/Disable Auto-Answer
Excellent Separation of Caller and Talent Voice -
16-bit DSP technology -
Hybrid Null Adjust (Up to 20 dB Separation) -
Proprietary Auto Null Algorithm (50 dB null) -
Front Panel Off-Hook LED
Send XLR Line Input
Caller XLR Line Output
Send and Caller Signal Level LEDs -
Remote Control Terminals -
Guest Module 1 Remote Control Jack -
Rack Mountable
Passive Design (No Battery or AC Required) -
Made in America
Approved for Sale in Europe and Australia



InputFemale XLR
Impedance1k ohms
Level500 mV RMS (-4 dBu nom, +6 dBu max)
Insertion Loss11dB Send XLR to Phone Line
OutputBalanced Male XLR
Impedance600 ohms
Level200 mV RMS (-12 dBu nom)
Screw TerminalsOff-hook Control (+5VDC Momentary)
Release Control (+5VDC Momentary)
OH LED Signal (pulled to ground on OH)
Phone LineRJ11C
Aux PhoneRJ11C
Isolation1500 VAC
Ringer0.8B REN
Frequency ResponseTelephone Side 200 Hz - 3600 Hz
Size4” x 5” x 1.5” (10.5 x 13 x 4 cm)
Weight12 oz.