7” 1920×1200 4K 3G-SDI Field Monitor

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7” 1920×1200 4K 3G-SDI Field Monitor


The M702-4K Series is designed for the video professional who needs multiple input types and power options. Its detachable folding sun-hood helps when shooting in bright locations and also protects the screen in transit. The M702 IPS 1920 x 1200 Full HD Plus panel has vibrant colors and wide viewing angles in a native 16:10 aspect ratio and 4K support. To help insure correct focus and exposure it has focus assist/peaking and false color as well as an innovative lock for the HDMI cables to prevent them from coming loose during use. Another example of how MustHD helps make your work easier is the programmable wired 3 button remote. Easily set up your most used functions and be able to access them with the push of a single button. A velcro strap allows the remote to be attached to a tripod or frame. The advanced technology incorporated into the M702-4K Field Monitors means that you do not have to trade needed features for a lower price.

What’s Included

1x M702-4K Monitor

1x Sun-hood (removable)

1x AC Adapter

1x External Wired Function Key Remote Adapter

1x HDMI A to C Type Cable

1x F970 Battery Plate

8x Mounting Screws