CalMAN Studio ESD (Software Only)

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CalMAN Studio: For post-production professionals who create, develop, and edit color-critical motion picture and television broadcast content on reference studio and professional monitors, CalMAN Studio display calibration software provides precise color calibration tools that are accurate, user friendly, and device independent.

ColorChecker Tool 

In CalMAN 5 these 24 grayscale and color critical values can be used as one more reference for conducting a video calibration. One way you can use them is to evaluate the ColorChecker values before and after calibrating the display for grayscale and gamut. Since most displays do not reproduce colors perfectly linearly, we can use these points to analyze the display’s color accuracy not only at the outer primary and secondary points, but at the other critical inner points as well.

When color accuracy is crucial, CalMAN Studio provides the confidence you need to make important creative decisions.

 Non linear display    

Most displays do not have linear red, green, and blue colors. This means white is out of balance at different levels. CalMAN Studio fixes this with ease.

When you need studio-grade display performance, but don’t have a studio budget, CalMAN Studio can transform an average display into a finely tuned monitor.

Most displays are highly capable, but have limited color control – even high-end monitors. CalMAN Studio unlocks this potential with 3D LUT cube characterization.

Time is money. CalMAN Studio takes the guesswork out of the display characterization process and puts time back on your calendar using AutoCal.