CalMAN Ultimate with SpectraCal C6-HDR2000 and VideoForge HDMI

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CalMAN Ultimate with SpectraCal C6-HDR2000 and VideoForge HDMI


CalMAN Ultimate is the master product of all CalMAN software combined. It has the most workflows and most extensive hardware support of any CalMAN software. Designed for professional calibration/installation companies, large production houses, display reviewers, hospitals, and corporations with multiple computer monitors and conference room displays. CalMAN Ultimate allows users to create custom workflows tailored to their own calibration needs.

All CalMAN software licenses are permanent and never ending.

Who Needs It

Professional AV installers and calibrators who work with home theaters, commercial displays, medical imaging displays, professional reference monitors, and/or video walls. Also for display reviewers and manufacturers.

What is Included

  • CalMAN Ultimate Software License
  • SpectraCal C6-HDR 2000 Colorimeter
  • Ten (10) CalMAN Client 3 Software Licenses
  • VideoForge HDMI Pattern Generator
  • One Year Free All Access (CalMAN Ultimate)
  • Universal power supply, 5VDC 2A (VideoForge)
  • Mini-HDMI type C to HDMI type A cable (VideoForge)
  • Wireless-N USB 2.0 adapter (VideoForge)
  • Professional Carrying Case (C6-HDR2000)
  • Tripod Extension hardware (C6-HDR2000)
  • NIST Certificate of Accuracy (C6-HDR2000)
  • HDR Accuracy Certificate (C6-HDR2000)
  • One-Year Limited Warranty (C6-HDR2000)

CalMAN Ultimate Key Features

  • Optimize display settings for brightness, contrast and resolution
  • Achieve optimal colorspace and gamma targets
  • Conduct CMS (color management system) and multipoint grayscale calibrations
  • Analyze display performance with an advanced Quick Analysis Workflow
  • Create comprehensive Customer Reports for each calibration
  • Automate the calibration process with AutoCal® Technology for select display models
  • Access display settings through DDC (direct display control) with supported display models
  • Generate 3D LUTs for select home theater Video Processors and studio reference monitors
  • Calibrate computer monitors with ICC+® Technology from CalMAN RGB (from Client 3 Licenses)
  • Calibrate multi-panel video walls with the new Display Matching workflow
  • Calibrate home theaters, studios, and commercial displays for hundreds of customers, no purchase of additional software licenses necessary
  • Create customized reports and workflows in Design Mode

SpectraCal C6-HDR Key Features

  • Supports all display technologies, including HDR, plasma, LCD LED, front-projection and OLED
  • Field upgradable for new display technologies and calibration tables
  • Advanced low-light handling
  • Complete spectral characterization technology
  • NIST certified in SpectraCal’s calibration lab prior to shipping
  • HDR certificate showing luminance accuracy at a range exceeding 1300 cd/m2
  • Advanced light and color filters
  • Sealed optics and sensors for increased lifespan
  • Off-angle light compensation
  • Built-in ambient light diffuser and tripod mount threading

SpectraCal VideoForge Key Features

  • Fastest pattern generator available.
  • Lighter and more rugged than its predecessor.
  • Access an infinite combination of reference patterns.
  • Generate RGB triplets for 3D LUT calibrations.
  • Configurable internal patterns.
  • Customizable external patterns through built-in USB drive.
  • Supports Wi-Fi and wireless connectivity.
  • Flexible software architecture allows for easy updates.