Creamsource Micro Bender High CRI Essential Kit

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Creamsource Micro Bender High CRI Essential Kit


The Creamsource Micro+ Bender Essential Kit from Outsight is built around a variable color (2700 to 6500K) LED fixture. The kit includes a 8.7 x 8.1 x 4.1″ Micro+ lamp head, yoke, multi-voltage power supply, power header cable, 60-degree lens, back mount for PSU, and a US power cable.

Flexibility and control are at the heart of the Micro+ design. The light has a wide color temperature range that’s variable from a warm 2700 to a cool 6500K to match other fixtures, ambient light conditions, or just for creative effect. Dimming is also continuously variable from 0-100%. Both functions are adjustable on the fixture or remotely via DMX or an optional remote control, while your settings are viewable on the graphic LCD display. The Micro+ also has a High Speed Mode providing flicker-free performance over 1000 fps and there’s a sync input for triggering and syncing to your camera’s shutter. The light has a tight 13-degree beam angle, but optional lenses are available to widen the coverage.

The Micro+ is seen but not heard. The unit’s fanless, convection cooling makes it ideal for sound-sensitive situations and foul weather is no problem either, thanks to the light’s IP65 weatherproof rating. The fixture’s 100-240 VAC power supply makes it ready for worldwide use but you can also run it on an optional 90Wh battery when shooting in locations without AC power.

Power Supply for Creamsource Micro

Included in the light’s basic kit, the Power Supply for Creamsource Micro from Outsight is an accessory that allows the Micro to run on AC mains power. The IP20 rated power supply accepts 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz current.

Yoke for Creamsource Micro

The Yoke for Creamsource Micro from Outsight is an accessory that allows full tilting adjustment of the light as well as stand mounting via its 5/8″ receiver. The yoke has a quick release system that permits fast attachment and detachment.

60-Degree Medium-Wide Angle Holographic Lens for Creamsource Micro

Made from laser-etched lens material, the 60-Degree Medium-Wide Angle Holographic Lens for Creamsource Micro from Outsight drops into the filter rail on the front of the fixture and expands the Micro’s 13-degree spread to a medium-wide, 61-degree beam angle. Unlike diffusion material, the lens softens the light quality while transmitting 90% of the fixture’s output.