Taito 2017 Shiny Black Gaming Mousepad (Mid-Size, 3mm)

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SKU: RC-ROC13056


The Taito 2017 Shiny Black Gaming Mousepad from ROCCAT helps users maintain speed and control. It has been crafted with a blue rubberized underside to help maintain an improved grip on whichever surface it is being used on, and its heat-blasted Nana Matrix cloth surface helps your mouse with its glide, pinpoint control, and consistency. This version of ROCCAT’s Taito has a 3mm thickness and a mid-sized design.

Cloth Surface
The average cloth mousepad is comprised of coarse, low-grade fibers, resulting in erratic mouse movement that may be faster on the Y-axis than it is on the X-axis, or vice versa. The Taito 2017 is different. It's built using high quality cloth textile, with a heat-blasted Nano Matrix structure providing a smooth surface that's more consistent on both axes, and a high-speed glide with improved control.
Heat-Treated Nano Pattern
For improved silence and comfort in the heat of gaming action.
Rubberized Backing
Provides a heavy grip and security.
Improved Axis Flow
More precise X-Y balance, as well as mouse movements and control.
Long Life Material
Ruggedized for high strain.