Xpander Rackmount 8 – Gen3 PCIe

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Xpander Rackmount 8 – Gen3 PCIe


  • Install blazing fast hardware acceleration within minutes
  • Eight PCIe Gen3 x16 expansion slots (x16 electrical) expansion slots in each Xpander Rackmount 8 system
  • Two separate 4-slot PCIe MIBs (Main Interface Boards), two 2m data cables + PCIe x16 HICs per unit
  • Support up to eight dual-slot graphics cards such as NVIDIA® Quadro 5000 / 6000 / K5000 / K6000 / AMD Radeon / AMD Firepro
  • Up to eight dual-slot GPU cards such as NVIDIA® Tesla C2075 / K20 / K40, co-processors such as Intel Phi
  • Two independent, 1500W power supplies to meet any expansion requirement
  • multiple exhaust fans
  • Simple, quick installation with minimal impact per rack cabinet; just install a host adapter and a graphics driver
  • Each x16 cable and connector provide a 250 mating cycle duty cycle
  • Hardware acceleration without purchasing a customized PC workstation or a new Mac Pro (2008+)
  • Works with almost any standard PC and Apple Mac Pro featuring PCIe Gen2 / Gen 3 x8 or x16 open slot(s)
  • Add multiple graphics or GPU cards to any computer regardless of power supply limitations
  • Add multiple graphics or GPU cards without having to specify, purchase, install and configure new computers
  • No power or cooling needed from the host computer; Xpander Rackmount 8 provides its own power and cooling
  • Connect one or two host PC or Mac Pro hosts units to one Xpander Rackmount 8

The GPU-Xpander Rack Mount 8 Gen3 is a 5U, external PCI Express (PCIe) expansion chassis that can support 1-2 server connections with up to 8 discrete, dual-slot graphics or GPU cards per system. This enables massive parallel calculations separate from the server, greatly enhancing system reliability, performance and flexibility.

  • Enhance server I/O infrastructure capabilities without adding servers
  • Hardware-acceleration using NVIDIA graphics and GPU cards for faster VDI and thin-client multimedia performance
  • Save space, weight and cost while increasing I/O card density
  • Install GPUs for blazing fast hardware acceleration purposes, as well as other types of 3rd party I/O controllers.
  • Eight PCIe Gen 3 x16 expansion slots (all supporting both dual-slot and single-slot cards) per system
  • Two 4-slot MIBs per 5U, 19″ rack mount system
  • 2X independent power supplies and multiple cooling fans to meet almost any expansion requirement (per MIB)
  • Simple, quick installation with minimal impact per rackmount computer; install a HIC and drivers for devices you install in GPU-Xpander
  • Each x16 cable and connector provides a 250 mating cycle duty cycle
  • Add eight dual-slot GPUs for supporting 1-2 rackmount computers which have very limited slot expansion capabilities and limited power supply capacities
  • Support up to two separate host PCs or Apple Mac Pro workstations with one Xpander Rackmount 8
  • Add powerful GPUs like NVIDIA Quadro® K4000 / K5000 / K6000, Tesla® C2070 / K10 / K20 or GeForce® GTX 780 / TITAN graphics cards

Don’t let your rackmount computers’ lack of ‘watts and slots’ hold you back. Get your graphics projects or HPC processing on with Xpander Rack Mount 8 for up to 8 dual-slot GPUs per host unit. It will give your studio, engineering firm, or IT Data Center the graphics acceleration and HPC performance it needs at a reasonable cost with little or no interruption to routine or workflow.