Mitto 3G / HD / SD Scan Converter

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Mitto 3G / HD / SD Scan Converter


  • Outputs 1.5 and 3 Gb/s HD, SD SDI and composite video
  • DVI and VGA I/O – HDMI support with an adaptor
  • Analog audio and AES digital audio input
  • Easy-to-use Mac and PC user interface


BrightEye Mitto is a high performance scan converter that supports SD, HD and 3G video signals. For broadcasters who find they are relying on video content from the web, BrightEye Mitto offers the best way to take computer video to air. Video that once seemed constrained by your computer desktop can now be used for the most demanding broadcast and display applications.

A superior quality scan converter, BrightEye Mitto has the advantage of proprietary scaling technology and exclusive multi-tap filtering. The region selected for output determines if Mitto acts as an upconverter or downconverter. The filters automatically adjust in accordance with the conversion being performed.

Bringing progressive images from the desktop into the interlaced world of video used to be a compromise between sharp details versus interfield flicker. Mitto’s advanced filtering satisfies both of these seemingly contradictory requirements. The result is that the output looks as good, or better, than the original and passes the most stringent testing.


Mitto Family Data Sheet (Click here for PDF)