DV-230 HD/SD SDI Pattern Generator

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DV-230 HD/SD SDI Pattern Generator


The DV-230 is an HD/SD SDI Pattern Generator. The DV-230 offers four identical rear-mounted BNC outputs, plus a Genlock input which receives Tri-level or Bi-level sync. A front panel LCD and pushbuttons allow for quick and easy setup. Alternatively, a software control panel and USB port may be used to configure the unit. Color bars as well as many other patterns are supplied. RP-188 and Closed Caption insertion, Embedded Audio Tones and onscreen Time Code/User Text insertion are also supported.



  • Audio: Embeds 500Hz or 1000Hz audio tone. Embeds audio tones on 1-8 channels of audio (Groups 1 and 2). Embeds audio tones @ 48000 Kbps
  • Motion: Square, Inverse Square, Full Motion
  • Time Code: RP188 Insertion, DVITC insertion (SD Formats Only), Drop Frame and Non Drop Frame Modes, Time Burn Window with settable position
  • Text Burn: Insertion of 32 characters of text, Front panel selection of Text and Position
  • SMPTE 352M Insertion
  • CEA-608 Closed Caption Insertion
  • Settings can be stored in non-volatile memory
  • User control panel software via USB connector
  • Field Upgradable via USB connector



DC12 VDC Input: Allows the unit to be operated exclusively from a +6 to +35 VDC source.
P19" Front Panel (Rack Mount): Designed for mounting into a standard equipment rack. Panel is 1/8" black anodized Aluminum and chassis is 5" - 10" deep.
P2Dual Rack Mount: Allows specific units to be mounted side-by-side on a single Rack Mount panel.
UL"UL" Approved Power Supply: The unit is supplied with a UL/CSA approved wall mount power supply.