Telos Infinity Intercom

From the company that invented AoIP

Telos Infinity is a new AoIP solution that delivers a quantum leap in scalability, ease of integration, efficiency and total cost of ownership. First in the new series of Telos Infinity solutions is the revolutionary Telos Infinity IP Intercom – a comprehensive next generation communications solution featuring:


  • Seamless interoperability through standards-based Livewire+ AES67
  • Infinite scalability for all internal and external communications
  • Simple plug-and-play device discovery and integration
  • Easy to program drag-and-drop dashboard user interface.
  • Intuitive UI for simplified operation
  • Matrix-Free distributed network architecture
  • Lower TCO than traditional intercom systems
  • Optimization for broadcast communications
  • Easy integration with existing intercom systems by using xNodes
  • High quality 24 bit/48khz audio.

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Rethink Intercom

Telos Infinity IP Intercom is a complete reimagining of broadcast communications technology developed by the Telos Alliance engineering team that invented AoIP for broadcast in 2003. More than just a talkback system, Telos Infinity IP Intercom converges voice communication and contribution audio on a single IT backbone employing the latest standards-based VoIP and AoIP transport to provide dedicated features and functionality without compromise or limitations.

Break the Matrix

Telos Infinity IP Intercom replaces outmoded matrix technology with an advanced, distributed IP network solution that provides superior functionality in a simplified, more elegant form. Being matrix-free allows plug-and-play networked hardware and software devices to be added to the system as part of a planned or ad-hoc change, without ever worrying that you might exceed the number of available ports on a matrix.

As Part of an Integrated System…

Telos Infinity IP Intercom unleashes the full potential of a distributed IP audio infrastructure, allowing access to any networked audio endpoint through the intuitive Telos Infinity Dashboard application. Mix-minuses, program busses, mixer auxes, monitor feeds, remote contribution audio, and presenter mics are all available anywhere you need them – for communication or on-air use.  And since Telos Infinity IP Intercom natively supports Livewire+ AES67, it can be used with our own AoIP products or those from other supporting manufacturers.

… Or as Part of a Legacy Installation

Realizing the benefits of Telos Infinity IP Intercom doesn’t mean abandoning existing audio infrastructure. Instead, Telos Infinity seamlessly integrates into analog, AES, SDI, and MADI systems using Telos Alliance xNode baseband-to-IP interfaces and other AES67 partner devices. A transition to AoIP reduces the amount of cabling and its associated costs, system design time and installation expense – all while establishing a pathway to a complete AoIP solution in the future.

Infinite Possibilities

Telos Infinity IP Intercom marks the next generation of Audio over IP solutions destined to revolutionize broadcast communication through the creation of disruptive and innovative technologies – and it’s just the start. More functionality, features and new products are just around the corner. Talk to your local Telos Infinity representative or contact Telos Alliance directly to learn more, and subscribe to Direct Current for updates about all Telos Alliance products and news.